Last generation’s consoles and their accompanying networks weren’t quite ready for massively multiplayer games, but this time around the genre isn’t as much of a surprise. Final Fantasy XIV is already available on PlayStation 3, but it’s looking like PlayStation 4 will be the place to play.

Square Enix has announced an April 14 release date for the game and detailed some information about the PlayStation 4 version, beta and the the process for a free upgrade from your PlayStation 3 copy.

The game will support remote play on PS Vita as well as mouse and keyboard – no control gap between console and PC here – as well as supporting the PlayStation 4’s touchpad and sharing features.

The beta will have two phases, beginning Feb. 22 and April 4 and will be accessible to all PlayStation 4 owners. If you participate in the second phase of the beta, you’ll be able to carry that character over into the retail version if Square manages to hook you. Not only will PlayStation 3 players be able to carry over data, but PC players as well. Square Enix notes that this is only necessary in the beta, as all players will play on the same servers in the retail version.

Those already playing on PlayStation 3 will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version for free, but Square Enix is careful to note that this is an irreversible process. If you want to play on both systems for some reason, you’ll need two copies. The transfer process starts on April 11, so if you have a copy, make sure you boot it up before then, as you’ll need to have logged in at least once to do this.

Square Enix has done a good job of turning what was originally a completely botched game into an MMO that is getting universal praise from players and offering something different and genuinely interesting to console gamers.