I’ve always said that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the best looking Final Fantasy game in years because of how close it sticks to the classic look of the franchise. The recently announced expansion pack Heavensward, silly title and all, takes it a little far from those new roots with some interesting design choices.

The “Heaven” part of the title certainly stands out the most because this is clearly meant to be taking place in the clouds. I can’t think of many instances of flying mountains in the Final Fantasy franchise before, so it will be a first for the Warriors of Light. Skies of Arcadia, Dragon Quest, or The Legend of Zelda have all taken place in the skies at this point, so I suppose it was only a matter of time.

The flying mounts, though, make perfect sense. For those who might not know, yes, this is not a break from canon. Chocobos can fly in previous games in the series, but they must have black feathers to do so, just like these. We haven’t seen a black chocobo in a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy Tactics, meaning we have further evidence of how heavily influenced the creators of this game are by the series’ olden days.

The handful of new monster designs look interesting, and it’s always a pleasure to see some great artwork from the one and only Amano Yoshitaka, the series’ original artist. Just please, remember to check that spell checker when typing out your titles, Square Enix.

Am I reading this correctly? Someone help me out here. Is it supposed to be “Heaven Sword” or “Heaven’s Ward?” I guess we have until next spring when the expansion launches to clear that up.