Final Fantasy XIV has gone down in history as one of the most catastrophic releases of all time. The unprecedented poor reception has led Square Enix to completely rebuild the game from the ground up, and now the new 2.0 build is just around the corner, re-branded as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Square Enix's ultimate apology project puts a lot of focus on the themes of "rebirth" and "revival" to hopefully soothe the fans they angered. Subliminal messages and apologies are always nice. They went so far as to work the destruction of their old gaming world into the actual plot of the storyline, fire raining from the skies and only the bravest of characters spared to travel beyond the veil of time into the next world. Very clever Square Enix.

Beyond just a new setting, Square Enix promised to rework maps, implement a better graphics engine, change the interface, update the combat, allow new gender options previously unavailable for certain races, and add large scale PVP. So in essence, this is an entirely new game free from the shackles of its dreadful first time around.

Final Fantasy XIV first hit the PC market on September 22, 2010. In the face of the horrible reception, the planned PlayStation 3 version was delayed until it could incorporate the entire 2.0 build. Both releases are now planned for a late 2012-early 2013 release.

In the meantime, the Seventh Umbral Era in-game event will lead up the changing world and give players achievements that will be unobtainable once the new patch hits. Since the trial period has been indefinitely extended, now is the time to play one of the most maligned MMORPGs of all time before it vanishes forever.

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