In a day and age when most major MMORPGs have been losing their audiences to MOBAs and the like, it’s lovely to see that one worthy of attention is still growing. I have professed unrivaled love for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ever since it relaunched two years ago, and I still do even if my strict exile from MMORPGs continues. The game is the most fulfilling representation of classic Final Fantasy lore in 3D space that has ever been created, and Square Enix reportedly has a massive number people witnessing it every day.

The company has just proclaimed that its excellent fantasy MMO has hit 5 million subscribing users, getting larger as the expansions find their way into more houses. The impressive figure is 1 million up from the 4 million it was touting in February, meaning that the game is expanding not just slowly, but by huge leaps and bounds.

The user base just witnessed a brand new expansion called Heavsensward get released in June, and its widespread marketing could account for the sudden spike in members.

Director Naoki Yoshida and his team celebrated the news with a livestream event, interacting with other players and taking questions on the game.