A lot has been said about how Square Enix is doing the right thing by rebuilding the hideous Final Fantasy XIV from the ground up as A Realm Reborn. So much has been said about this that it is easy to lose track and wonder if it's actually going to be a fun game.

The E3 trailer makes me believe so. Of course it could be the camera angles and quick editing that make this MMORPG's combat look special, but what I'm talking about goes beyond flashy special moves.

One thing that has always set Final Fantasy apart from the rest of the gaming world is its ability to fully flesh out a world with amazing characters, settings, monsters and cultures. For good or ill, each Final Fantasy world has always been one of the biggest stars of the game, sometimes even bigger than the heroes themselves.

Final Fantasy XIV has just that. From the knights, monsters, magic and dialogue, everything about this trailer screams of an authentic Final Fantasy experience.

Most fans tend to lump these MMORPG entries in the series in a separate pile since they trend too far away from the series roots, but aside from being online, nothing in Final Fantasy XI or this new trailer has even deviated too far from series' traditions.

Granted, Square Enix has always done a great job at selling its MMOs through cinematic trailers. Who can forget that glorious Final Fantasy XI Intro trailer? If only the game lived up the hype.

Here's to hoping that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn can. The PC and PlayStation 3 version will be released on August 27th, and a PlayStation 4 build will follow in 2014.

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