Final Fantasy XII is always a game I’ve been meaning to dive back into and give another chance. Unlike every other game in the series before it, I don’t know its locations, monsters, and characters like the back of my hand, and that’s something I’ve always felt I needed to rectify.

This latest footage from the upcoming PlayStation 4 remaster, The Zodiac Age, gives a closer look at an area of the game I definitely don’t recognize. Balthier is there, and so is Vaan, but the place itself is nothing that pings my memory.

And it makes me feel a little incompetent.

Oh well, we only have a few months to go before the early 2017 release. I’ll definitely pick it up at some point, but like Final Fantasy X, I think I would rather play this on a Vita. The size difference between the two games though is just immense. I wonder if Final Fantasy XII could fit on the Vita.