It’s been a while in-coming, but the Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster finally has a release date of March 18, 2014. PlayStation Blog also has a new trailer to deliver that surge of nostalgia for those who fell in love with the game over ten years ago.

I was a big fan back in the day and still consider it one of the best in the series. However, the graphical facelift left me unimpressed at the TGS 2013 demo earlier this year, with some awkward issues with the character models. The music rearrangements, on the other hand, are out of this world and could possibly justify the price to upgrade by itself.

Also revealed is the box art for the Limited Edition. Those who pre-ordered the game get a beautiful high resolution rendering of the game’s protagonists, Yuna and Titus, on the cover. An art book inside also has plenty of eye gripping pieces torn straight from the fabulous setting. The world of Spira is unlike any other in the series, and it’s one which begs to be captured in the pages of a book.


I’m anti-Limited Edition for video games, but that cover and book have caught my eye. If only my tiny Japanese apartment wasn’t so small. We’ll see how my feelings lean once the March 18 release date nears closer and closer.

Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 for $39.99. No further news on the Vita version has been made available yet.

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