Some games you play and forget immediately, and some just simply last forever. While publishers find themselves in a struggle to find this specific formula, the truth of the matter is that the emotions one feels towards a game varies from person to person and can’t be quantified, no matter how much focus testing and research is done.

Sounds a lot like a well known emotion, but I’ll just come out and simply call it “love,” the magical feeling which lasts forever. I love Final Fantasy X, and I am more than eager to jump back into the world of Spira viewed through a whole new light.

Square Enix has one more launch trailer and gallery ready before its masterpiece gets a much welcomed re-release next week. Final Fantasy‘s main character, Yuna, is a summoner by trade, and like most summoners from the Final Fantasy series, she has the ability to call a widespread cast of monsters to help her. Final Fantasy X is unique in that rather than calling the monsters to simply perform a powerful attack, you can actually control them in battle.

Once the J-Poppy Final Fantasy X-2 bounces around, Yuna can become any traditional Final Fantasy job EXCEPT a summoner. The game’s wild job system allowed her and her lady friends to swap classes on the fly to match a situation, and she can become a White Mage, Monk, Lancer, you name it. If you were a fan of Square Enix’s exceptionally fun Bravely Default released earlier this year, you’ll find more than a few similarities with how the characters act in battle.

Maybe I’m just getting older and games don’t touch me the same way anymore, or maybe its because the Japanese games I tend to gravitate toward no longer have the same prominence on the market, but games I can’t wait to jump back into are few and far between these days. I’m happy that Square Enix has led the charge to allow us to replay all of our favorites again, despite a few questionable attempts, and I hope they get around to Final Fantasy XII HD in the near future.

Think about it. If Final Fantasy XII HD gets made, then every main game in the series up until that point (minus XI/plus Tactics) will be available on the PS Vita and can be played anywhere. Crazy thought!

Final Fantasy X will be released on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on March 18.

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