Final Fantasy X is one of the most heart wrenching in the entire series for reasons explained in this trailer. If you have never experienced the journey of the flamboyant Titus and the young beautiful summoner Yuna, then I would suggest skipping the above trailer so you can get the full impact when the key moments shown arrive in the actual game though.

As a huge fan, the trailer is more like a nostalgic trip down memory lane and is clearly intended for those who have already played it. Is it worth $40 of your hard earned cash to jump into the world of Spira again?

I had been a little worried about the HD remake of Final Fantasy X since the graphics were already as close to perfect as the PlayStation 2 got, and the boundaries it pushed were half the appeal. I guess there is always room for improvement though.

If you don’t want to watch the trailer, then check out a few quality screenshots in the gallery above from the game’s explosive introduction. Both CG and in-game graphics are on display here, so I’ll leave it to you to guess which are which.

The last 30 seconds of the trailer also features a brief look at the happy go lucky Final Fantasy X-2. High fives for all the glitter and sparkle!

Final Fantasy X | X2 will be available for the PlayStation 3. No date has been confirmed, but look for it on shelves before the end of the year.