Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, and there are sure to be some substantial changes to the game – not just the graphics, either. Elements of the gameplay are sure to change. We might even see some story elements change, even if the overall story stays as we remember.

A recent poll spotted by Kotaku on a Japanese gaming site shows that Japanese gamers want just that – beware spoilers ahead.

The poll is admittedly very small in scale, with about 444 responders and only 89 answering that, yes, they have played Final Fantasy VII. Here are the top five answers:

5. Enhancing Yuffie Kisaragi’s scenes – 9 percent
4. Enhancing or improving the game’s ending – 11.2 percent
3. Full voice acting – 13.5 percent
2. Adding more Gold Saucer mini-games – 20.2 percent 1. Adding a storyline that lets Aeris live – 36.2 percent

This is not, of course, an official poll nor an indication that Square is even considering any of these options. But for fans of the original, it gives us something to think about. Voice acting is a no-brainer for me, but some fans prefer their RPGs unvoiced. I wouldn’t change Aeris storyline simply because it’s such a big moment in gamer culture and history.

What changes would you like to see come to the Final Fantasy VII remake? Some kind of overhaul to the combat system? New story elements? Would you indeed like to see Aeris get some more time in the story? Jump into the comments and let us know.