After being unveiled last month, we received more information about the addition of Cloud Strife, the main character of Final Fantasy VII, to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Cloud will feature two costumes – one inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII outfit and one inspired by the movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The Midgar stage that comes in alongside cloud features Summon Materia as its special feature, allowing any character fast enough to grab them the ability to bring in classic Final Fantasy summons like Odin, Bahamut Zero, and Ifrit.

Like in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud will have a Limit Break meter that fills during matches, which players can activate to give him new special attacks.

The best part of all this – Cloud is debuting on the Nintendo eShop tonight. He’ll be available for $5.99 on Wii U or 3DS and $6.99 for access on both systems.