Think Final Fantasy VII Remake has hit a standstill in development? Well, you might not be wrong, but at least the voice acting is rolling along at a solid pace. In a recent interview with Dengeki, Producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed that the voice acting for the main storyline is already nearing completion.

Final Fantasy VII Remake required a great amount of preparation. The voice actors have nearly finished recording for the main scenario. Fans might be picturing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but this is a Cloud in his prime from before the movie so the performance may feel fresh.

Of course, he means the Japanese voice acting. The status of the English voice actors are yet unknown. I wonder, will Troy Baker or Nolan North be involved? Seeing that this is a Japanese game, Steven Blum is likely the go-to guy.

And don’t forget Lance Bass!

Anyone remember that time NSYNC member Lance Bass voiced Sephiroth back in the original Kingdom Hearts. Come on, Square Enix! You know you want to hire him again!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for the PlayStation 4.