A few days ago, I had mentioned that Final Fantasy VII can't just be a simple HD makeover. A modern looking game with a 90s mentality is just not going to work, and as it turns out, Director Tetsuya Nomura agrees. Speaking with Dengeki magazine, Nomura flat out says that the game's play and story will be adjusted for the modern market.

"I can't share too much for now, but it won't be a simple remake. If we were to simply just make the graphics look pretty for the new generation consoles, I don't think it could surpass the original version. If that's what you wanted, I think it'd be enough to just play the original International version on PlayStation 4, and it would be satisfying enough."

"We've yet to show any screenshots from the game, but it has vastly evolved, so please look forward to it. Again, this time, since the story is being handled by Nojima, that also means that there will be more work added to it, so please look forward to that as well."

Nomura concludes by saying that more information and a complete title will be announced in the winter. In another interview with Famitsu, Nomura claims that the original has aged, but most of what has aged is what made Final Fantasy VII such a huge hit: graphics, gameplay, accessibility. To change those are to change why so many people loved the game in the first place.

"The original version is a game that came out in 1997, and if you look at it today, you can feel how dated the graphics and the game system are. However, that's also part of Final Fantasy VII."

What do I think? Final Fantasy VII was great back in the day, but a cosmetic makeover is simply not enough 20 years later. I hope Nomura gets really liberal with new ideas while keeping the core character, themes, and ideas intact.

Materia is too simple, characters are too similar, the world must have a consistent sense of scale. Cloud and friends are a likable bunch, but many of them contribute less to the story than you remember, especially Red XIII and even Sephiroth. The story too, which was a product of post Evangelion pop-culture Japan, could do with a story more fitting with today. It sounds like Nomura wants to explore that darker side of Final Fantasy VII.

Despite being darker, the game will have some of the same sense of humor. Nomura claimed that you can look forward to seeing Cloud in a dress.

So where is the happy medium? That is something we must wait until this winter to see. This could be a very welcome approach to Final Fantasy VII, a retelling which compliments the original but doesn't replace it, a sign of an excellent remake.

Can't wait to see more this winter. I'm on board now.