After its smash debut at E3 2015, now a full three years ago, Final Fantasy VII Remake went dark, and we’ve only been spoon fed tidbits of information from Square Enix. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. You thought Final Fantasy XV took a long time to develop? You haven’t seen anything yet.

However, Square Enix and the game’s producer Tetsuya Nomura have at least been somewhat transparent in the game’s development considering they haven’t shown any new screenshots or footage in quite a while. An interview before E3 assured fans that the game was well beyond the concept development phase, and now Nomura is talking to Famitsu in a interview that sheds the slightest of light on what to expect.

As translated by Siliconera, Nomura makes several talking points.

  • Square Enix is currently planning when to release the next news for Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  • Its direction was decided before switching to internal development, and its production progress is going favorably.
  • The scenario will keep the original version’s atmosphere intact, there and go into greater depth for its characters, starting with the members of AVALANCHE.
  • The development is moving along more than expected, so please wait  for the next announcement with no worries.

Digging deeper into who?

Square Enix has always been the master of creating countdowns and news conferences for the simple sake of announcing even more news. Just tell us already! Most of the talking points have to do with its typical brand of scheduling, but the game’s content is briefly mentioned in digging deeper into certain characters.

We’ve already known that the AVALANCHE members, Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse, are going to see a larger role than in the original game, and that’s a welcome addition to Final Fantasy VII’s lore. However, Square Enix is merely “starting with” these three characters, meaning others might follow.

Who else is going to get the same treatment? It has to be someone significant enough to the story but never quite got their limelight.

Shera, Cid’s assistant and the victim of unrestrained and extreme verbal abuse, enjoys a healthy fanbase within the Final Fantasy VII community. She is the center of Cid’s backstory and the main reason he is a cranky, misogynistic, a*&hole whom apologists always find a way to make excuses for. Fans respect her for being a simple, nerdy, and loyal assistant, and allowing them to witness further motivation for her tolerance of her awful situation and her obvious hidden romance for Cid could open new windows for Final Fantasy VII.

But then again, given today’s culture and atmosphere are a lot different than 1996, Cid’s domineering treatment of Shera would fly about as far as the Tiny Bronco does in all of Final Fantasy VII, crashing and burning after only a few seconds. Square Enix is going to have to take another look at Cid’s language and the relationship between these two if they don’t want him to become the most hated character in the game… and perhaps all of gaming.

Trust me, his emotional eruptions on her are going to come across a lot differently with voice acting and HD graphics.