Square Enix’s communication on Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t exactly been up to the speed fans were hoping, and it’s now obvious that the company announced the title really early in its development. I don’t blame the company either since that’s not exactly the kind of story you want to leak.

However, those looking to play it will have quite a while to wait. During a recent financial presentation, Square Enix released a slideshow on its upcoming plans and described it by saying, “This slide shows our release lineup for FY2017/3 as well as for FY2018/3 and beyond. We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so.”

And which titles appear on the “next three years or so?” Yup…

Final Fantasy VII Remake… now coming to the PlayStation 5?

Square Enix’s official stance on the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t changed since the day it was announced. It’s coming first to the PlayStation 4, and that’s a statement that many took to meaning that it wouldn’t be exclusive to a Sony console, possibly coming to Xbox and PC as well. However, with how this generation has shaped up, it could very well mean that it is also coming to the PlayStation 5.

It’s just speculation on my part, but we’re already nearing four years of PlayStation 4 this coming holiday season. Three years on top of that would make seven years, and if we get an annual episodic chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake, just like the Final Fantasy XIII sequels, that means the console generation would have to span at least nine or ten years to squeeze it all in!

And with how fast console technology is evolving nowadays, there is no way that Square Enix is going to finish this project within the lifetime of the PlayStation 4, especially at the snail’s pace we are seeing information flow at this point.

I know that Microsoft and Sony plotted to kill off console generations once and for all. I can guarantee that these consoles being around until 2020 and beyond was not in their original plan, and just looking at the math and how quickly technology turns over nowadays, I don’t see how Square Enix can drag this so deep into the PlayStation 4’s lifespan.