It's not a full blown remake, but Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy VII once again. This time, an "enhanced" version of the game will be available for PC gamers exclusively through Square Enix's store.

Eidos published a PC version in 1998 shortly after the successful PlayStation launch, and now Square Enix owns Eidos and has them revamping the game yet again. Now, Final Fantasy VII sports achievements, "cloud" saves, and a "Character Booster" which allows gamers to boost their Level, HP, and MP during the challenging parts of the game, most likely for a small fee like the Tales games did on Xbox Live.

Final Fantasy VII's launch was an unquestionably enormous success, bringing RPG's to the forefront of the market and dragging those last few gamers away from Nintendo towards the PlayStation, but the game's legacy swings slightly more towards mixed. The Final Fantasy VII Compilation left a lot of fans hanging dry, and some gamers who have gone back through subsequent releases remember the game being much better as a child. The rosy glasses of nostalgia help a lot with this one. I fall into the latter having played it when it hit the PlayStation Store, and I didn't think it held up nearly as well as its Super Nintendo counterparts or other RPG classics of the time like .

Still, the official website has my sentimentality bone screaming to be scratched. It's easy to forget that Final Fantasy VII was once just a simple game rather than an entire media phenomenon, and that original character art looks so refreshing and pure after all the facelifts the characters have gotten over the years. Maybe it's time to re-rediscover an old friend. I'm all for nostlalgia, but a game needs to fill in the pieces.

The website doesn't give an official date, but it says the game is "coming soon."

[via Game Informer]