As if you needed any reminder of what the best selling JRPG of all time is, this side of Pokemon of course. Square Enix has just set the record straight as to how many copies Final Fantasy VII it has sold since it first launched in 1996. 11 million units to date is the official number, as noted in the description on the recently launched iTunes listing.

For the longest time, lifetime sale figures for Final Fantasy VII were believed to be hovering around the 10 million unit marker, so digital releases through Steam and PlayStation Network over the last few years have bumped it by 1 million. I can’t think of many other games that demand such attention and find new audiences in such mass numbers so many generations after its release.

Seriously, Final Fantasy VII is now 20 years old, and there are kids out there who are barely 10 and still madly in love with it! Super Mario 64 and Link to the Past don’t even get that much respect! How does this game’s popularity span that much time?

And now that the game is available on iOS and iTunes, even more post-Millennials are about to go adventuring with Cloud and his friends. Where will the figure wind up once the PlayStation 4 port is released? Better yet, how many more will try it once information about the remake starts leaking out?

The sky is still the limit for Final Fantasy VII, and dare I say, it might even wind up above the… clouds? Sorry… but hey, try this one on for size!

Oh, the blood is boiling…

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