I haven't been too thrilled with the way Square Enix has handled the mobile market, but there is one game that is just simply to awesome to ignore, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

This remake of sorts of the popular "bike" mini-game from Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer is an endless runner in which the one and only Cloud Strife battles the forces of Shinra on his iconic ride. Everything gets thrown at our hero from soldiers on bikes to bomb monsters and panthers and even the massive tank from the actual game joins in the chase. Nothing can take Cloud down though, because the reach of his blade is too long and the bike in question can fire projectiles of Final Fantasy VII's magic elements.

Just when it seems like Cloud has had enough, he manages to pull off a timed limit break which summons none other than his Final Fantasy VII companion, Tifa Lockhart. Cloud leaves her in the dust continuing his desperate run, and she fights for him, turning to face the oncoming mechanical beast and wasting it with a well placed Final Heaven attack using her Premium Heart ultimate weapon.

The trailer is exciting to say the least, and I'm in favor of the style used to update the old PlayStation graphics. That being said, the original mini-game would be a sweet prize for racking up high scores.

Between this and Hyrule Warriors though, I can't think of a more outlandish trend than these over-the-top re-imaginings of our nostalgic favorites. Hard rock music, over the top action and violence, characters being able to perform abilities they never would be able to in the real game. Is this what we want our favorite games to turn into? My reaction to Hyrule Warriors proves this might not be a healthy novelty in the long run, but we'll just have to wait and see how long this trend lasts.

During its height, Final Fantasy VII stole my life more so than any other video game has ever done in my past. My opinions of it have changed over the years, but I always still get that itch to go back to breeding Chocobos and mastering Materia once in a while. The bike and the snowboard mini-games are also huge parts of this longing for the PlayStation days, so it will be nice to always be able to take it along… even in this insane incarnation.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be released for iOS and Android in Japan as a free-to-play game this fall.