Square Enix has apparently stepped up to bring Final Fantasy VI to the PC through Steam, a move many fans of the series have seen coming thanks to recent trends. While the company hasn’t announced anything official just yet, the news comes to us through the European ratings board PEGI. Treat it with a bit of skepticism… but not much.

Of course, this step forward comes with an equally, if not greater, step back. It’s safe to assume that Square Enix will be releasing the mobile version on the PC, much like it did with with Final Fantasy V’s butchered “enhanced” port. These latest versions have driven a wedge in the fanbase with a lot of older fans not happy with the quality of the sprites, the ugly user interface, and just overall cheap feeling of the new presentation.

Newer fans and those used to mobile gaming don’t see it as an issue.

Of course, I fall in the former group, and I am more than happy to cling to my Game Boy Advance and Super Nintendo cartridges until the day I die. Final Fantasy VI has always been an all-time favorite of mine, and unless Square Enix goes all out with a revision on the scale of Final Fantasy VII’s remake, I can’t imagine myself playing it any other way than as it was originally created.

If you do play this game and become a fan through this potential PC release, be sure to check out the original version. Final Fantasy VI was a little too perfect for its own good in 1994, and the original release is only looking better with age thanks to Square Enix’s attempts to freshen it up.