Final Fantasy XV

Remember that Final Fantasy XIII spin-off called Final Fantasy Versus XIII? That one that never came out and hasn't been seen in years? The one Square Enix continuously promises they're still working on?

Well, According to VGLeaks, a site which leaked much of the PlayStation 4 information before the big event last month, says that the horrendous collapse of Final Fantasy XIV and subsequent rebuild had put a halt on most productions within the studio, and that includes the never released spin-off.

While the game was never officially cancelled, Sony jumped aboard two years ago to co-develop the game as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and all Square Enix had to to was rebrand it as Final Fantasy XV, a game they hinted at during the PlayStation 4 unveiling. They teased an E3 2013 reveal without so much as a screenshot or visual to hold us over.

My gut reaction tells me they didn't show it off because indeed, Final Fantasy XV is the remnants of what we once knew as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and you know what? Good for it! The game always did look like a promising title and the sooner Square Enix can drag itself away from this overly drawn out Final Fantasy XIII trend they've been obsessive over for the better part of a decade, the better.

Again, this is massive speculation that could prove to not be true in the least. However, I'm leaning towards this one being the case here, and was even thinking along these lines beforehand.

Too much was poured into Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but it's been way too long since it was first announced for anyone to take it seriously anymore. This is the best and most salvageable way to get it out and make some money off of it, especially since they feel they can slap the main series brand name on just about anything these days.