Now that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been released in the States and is doing pretty well on the critics’ circle, talk has already shifted towards a possible sequel. Director Hajime Tabata was ankle deep in production on a follow up to the 2011 PSP original, but being assigned to head up Final Fantasy XV instead derailed the project.

However, word is going around that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD‘s ending hints that the project is still underway and a sequel will be happening. Tabata also showed up at a Final Fantasy event in Hong Kong, and he superimposed the art from this original project over images of the city’s skyline. These shots, combined with real art from the game, seem to give Type-Next a far more Asian look than its predecessor.

Nothing has been confirmed about a new game just yet. Remember, Tabata has this little game called Final Fantasy XV that he needs to complete, and he has an outstanding demo that he needs to live up to. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD though, what would you like to see from a sequel?

My only concern would be Square Enix realizing the audience. If Tabata is going to make a game for fans of the PSP game, then he should make a handheld-mentality game for the PS Vita. If it will be a console game to follow up on Type-0 HD, then develop a console game. The two had some overlapping issues in Type-0 HD that held it back from its true potential.

Otherwise, I’m game. Type-0 HD is a lot of fun, and I’ll be heading back to it all summer. Just don’t take so long to localize the sequel, please.