You know the old quip "there are two sides to every story," yeah? Well, like most actual wars, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's latest pair of trailers has turned this hype train into pure propaganda.

In this new "Traitors of Orience" trailer, we are once again introduced to the teenage fighting force who saved their country of Orience from invasion. Only, unlike the "News Special Report" trailer from earlier this week, this once paints our heroes in a totally different light. Here, they are in-fighting punks who assassinated a queen, destroyed a city, and sacrificed one of their own for victory. Currently, they are on the run as fugitives for the crime of treason!

It's a far more violent trailer with signs of the blood most fans have mentioned that doesn't appear in other Final Fantasy games. It's also the first time really since Final Fantasy Tactics that the long-time franchise has handled the idea of war in such a realistic manner. Really looking forward to this one.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released on Mar. 17 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it will come packed with a demo of Final Fantasy XV.

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