Americans are happy to finally get a chance to play Final Fantasy Type-0 thanks to a pretty solid HD port on the current gen consoles. However, in Japan, where the game is already available in portable form on PSP, the PS4 version did not perform so well.

In its opening week, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD shipped only 92,094 copies for the PlayStation 4 and only 1,000 copies for the Xbox One. Altogether, it pushed through only 59.59 percent of its first shipment.

Compared to the original PSP version, which sold 472,253 copies and 79.08 percent in 2011, it’s safe to say that the console home port was not a smashing success. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese version also played home to the Final Fantasy XV demo, and the Japanese gaming audience doesn’t seem to be as willing to shell out for the demo as the Western audience.

We in America were shelling out money for the demo disc alone, and others were buying the full package just to get it. Could that be a sign about an attitude towards demos in Japan, as in patience for the real game, or could it mean that Final Fantasy XV might not demand the same attraction on a home console that it once did? The increasingly mobile gaming focused Japan doesn’t quite love the consoles anymore.

The series has always been more popular in America, but does Final Fantasy stand a chance anymore in its home country?