Square Enix loves milking this emotional Chocobo murder as much as it can while hyping Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, doesn’t it? What, this is like the fourth or fifth trailer we’ve seen this poor beast be slaughtered on the street alongside his master. The only difference is this time we get to see the lead up and why the soldiers found the need to put it down.

The loyal Chocobo was defending its master and took a few enemies with it. How touching.

This is just the sad, war-stricken world of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Even after the Chocobo, soldiers get mercilessly slaughtered by the dozens, making this one of the first times I’d almost call a Final Fantasy trailer NSFW. Square Enix must have been in a dark place for a few years to dream up this sub-entry in the popular series. I’ve never seen nor could ever imagine such a massacre backed by traditional Final Fantasy imagery and music.

Fans who have played the import and fan translation have praised its dark and twisted story, and with each passing trailer, I’m starting to see why. This is a game with a barrage of emotional gut-punches. A “sword through Aeris’ back” moment around every corner.

It comes off as intense war drama with the similar dualities of Final Fantasy Tactics, hammering home the theme that nobody is ever 100 percent “the good guy.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Mar 17.