The Final Fantasy XV demo isn’t the only piece of software being patched by Square Enix right now. The game you had to buy to get the demo, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, is also being blessed with a bit of an update.

Owners of the console versions were taken a little aback when it was revealed that the recently announced PC version would fix the motion blur and other graphical issues fans have had with the title. What about the console versions? The ones Square Enix said existed solely to introduce gamers into the new console generation?

Surely those will be patched too, right?

Yup, and in fact, they already are! It’s available now. Turn on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console and let the updates fly. I still have another chapter or two to go in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, so maybe I’ll give it another stab now that some of its kinks have been ironed out a bit.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD does not have a release date for the PC yet. Keep your ears open at E3 for any details.