Fans of Final Fantasy Type-0 who have imported the game since its PSP release will all tell you that it is one of the more brutal and gut-wrenching games in the long-running series. A far stride from the "group of weirdos save the world" formula, it really dives into the consequences of war, the vantage point from different sides, and the loss of friends.

And plus, a cute Chocobo gets brutally murdered within the 30 seconds of this trailer! How awful! An enemy soldier lies wailing in pain and sheer terror as he stares into the face of our protagonist. You can see the moment in the hero's eyes when he realizes the realities of this conflict he finds himself in. Is he a hero or is he the "scary monster" this poor soldier is calling him?

I remember when an evil guy with a black robe and long silver hair dropped from the sky and jammed a sword through the back of an innocent flower girl, and people called it powerful. "Meh" I think, the first 30 seconds of this trailer hold far more emotion than that entire subplot.

The most recent and apparently final trailer before Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's release highlights exactly what most are looking forward to in this game. Sure, the combat is fresh and exciting, but the drama of this game is unlike any the series has seen before. The themes being explored aren't exactly new in video games, but that "Final Fantasy" touch might speak the language a new audience can understand.

Bone chilling. I wonder how many of our thirteen heroes are going to make it through to the end of the plot.

Plus, we also get another glimpse of the excellent Final Fantasy XV "Episode Duscae" trailer that popped up recently. Square Enix has an uphill battle convincing fans that this "Fifty Shades of Grey Clothing" open-world RPG is indeed "Final Fantasy" by every sense of the series' spirit. The classic theme orchestrated to Noctis and his buddies cruising the world map does absolute wonders to drive that feeling home.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released in the States for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17. The Final Fantasy XV "Episode Duscae" demo will be released on the same day and be included with a purchase.

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