One of the greatest video games of all time has just found itself a new platform, and a whole new audience can bare witness to its supreme awesomeness. Square Enix’s classic Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is now available on Android.

A digital copy will set fans and newcomers alike back $13.99. This version is based off of the iOS version released way back in 2011, so needless to say, this port was a long time in coming. I have no experience with the iOS version, but I have purchased Final Fantasy Tactics at least three times over the last seventeen years. It’s an all-time favorite of mine, and I can pile worlds of praise and recommendations on the core game itself.

As for these mobile versions, what I can speculate is that they are the definitive way to play the game. They come with the superior translation and all the bonus content of the PSP remake and without the resolution shift that makes the inhabitants of Ivalice look like squat goofballs. I can’t speak for the slowdown which plagues the PSP remake either, but my guess is that Square Enix went ahead and polished that up as well.

The only question comes from wondering if this version will remain available and yours forever. These mobile version might be the definitive editions, but that’s only if they actually work. Square Enix’s Android record has been up to reasonably acceptable standards so far, but it collapses in the iOS department after having to pull games like The World Ends With You because updates to the OS have made it unplayable.

This is the unhealthy part of mobile gaming’s future I am most wary of.

Square Enix is not alone in this issue, but it catches the most flack because it makes games people want to play and enjoy forever. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those games. Check it out on any platform.