Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Square Enix has laid it out for European Square Enix fans, promising to bring Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to the Wii U Virtual Console this week. No word yet if Square Enix plans to do the same for North American audiences.

Fans eagerly awaited a follow-up to the 1998 masterpiece Final Fantasy Tactics for many years after it rocked the North American market. When this game launched in 2003, it wasn't quite what they were expecting. No political conflict. No religious conspiracies. No devils and fallen saints. Instead, we get a handful of school kids playing make-believe in an Ivalice we don't recognize.

Time heals all wounds though, and many have flipped their viewpoints on this game's story. Marche acts as a typical Final Fantasy hero throughout the entire game, only, it is his job to destroy the world rather than save it. His crippled friend has been raised as a prince, his drunk father elevated to the role of king. Everything is on its head in this game, and it is a bit more touching than you might remember.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has its problems, mostly by over-complicating itself through restricting job classes to certain races and the ever-omnipotent judges who can make your life hell. However, it deserves another chance by those who dismissed it back in 2003.

Again, this re-release is only for Europe so far. No word yet from anyone in North America, so keep your fingers crossed.