Triple Triad

Remember Triple Triad? That destructively addictive card game that distracted Squall and friends while the world crumbled around them in Final Fantasy VIII? That game which hindered you from completing your life quest as a Hero of Light in Final Fanasy XIV?

Well, now you can take it anywhere with you and have it suck your brain from real life! Final Fantasy's popular card game has been added to the Final Fantasy Portal app on both iOS and Android with a free-to-play system. The game is a faithful recreation of the popular card game played against AI players, and it naturally comes equipped with the handicap of any free-to-play proposition.

Each match will cost a single "crystal," to begin, and the crystals will return once every thirty minutes. Players will be allowed to have five at one time, meaning that they'll be limited to maybe six matches before they must hang the game up for a while or pay for more.

Sounds like a bunch of free-to-play nonsense at first, but after I think about it for a bit, such limitations might have allowed me to actually proceed faster through Final Fantasy VIII's nonsensical plot. So many wasted hours chasing down those summon cards!