Square Enix will be bringing Final Fantasy IV's direct sequel, The After Years, to Steam next month on May 12. Initial reactions are of course going to be thrilled with the idea of more JRPG support on Steam, but then all that will come crumbling down once people realize what a steaming pile of garbage Final Fantasy IV: The After Years really is.

This widely loathed game was originally designed for phones, and it clearly shows a mobile influence in its philosophy. You'll be revisiting old dungeons again and again and again, sometimes with a treasure at the end that will only randomly appear. Speaking of random, Final Fantasy's infamous random encounters will pound you twice as hard and twice as often as before.

Sure, you get to hang out with your old friends again like Cecil, Kain, Yang and Rydia, but they are all old and crusty. Their new fan-fiction-esque plot flashes you back into the events of the real Final Fantasy IV quite often, reminding you of the far superior previous game which you should be playing. This version is the 3D remake of the sequel that appeared on iOS and Android in 2013, and it is the lowest rated game of all of Final Fantasy IV's ports and off-shoots.

The best I can say about this release is that Visual Works has created a slick new 3D intro cinematic, and it is equally nice that it is available on YouTube! You don't have to buy the game to watch it.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be available through Steam on May 12.