If you are in need of a serious portable JRPG fix and don't have access to a Nintendo 3DS, then Square Enix has your back. Final Fantasy IV is now available on Android 2.3.3 and up for $15.99.

The Android version puts it far and away as the most re-released Final Fantasy game in the series being available on 10 platforms.

Keep in mind that this is the 3D version remade for the Nintendo DS back in 2008, not the classic 1991 Super Nintendo version or the WonderSwan 2002 version Square Enix has been porting for the past decade. This polygonal version has achieved a wide level of popularity thanks to superb voice acting and brilliant recreation of the classic tale.

On the other hand, it's a brutal experience from beginning to end and a bit more grind heavy that the average modern RPG.

The SNES game is an eternal favorite of mine, but I've been cautiously avoiding the remake out of blind loyalty to the original. I think the time has finally come to cast aside my doubts and give it a try. I've heard nothing but praise, and my curiosity has finally peaked.

Anybody a huge fan of the remake want to convince me more?

You can pick up Final Fantasy IV on Google Play here.

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