Final Fantasy IV is currently being retranslated by a dedicated fan who wants to see what Google Translate thinks of Cecil’s legendary adventure. After running a program to pull out the game’s text and running it through Google Translate, the results are odd, hilarious, questionable, sometimes NSFW, and, of course, make no sense.

A few highlights from the ridiculous translations:

  • “No remedy against a male bunny.”
  • “The enema is saying that you should not wear a basketball.”
  • “Jigglyphoto is getting out.”
  • “I sprinkle a cyst.”
  • “If it is a dark elf, I live in a fitness room in Thailand.”
  • “Have you ever had a history of mist abuse?”
  • “Epilepsy is a vigorous gang that can be used for gods. Do not be discouraged.”

And the absolute best of them all:

I want to hit it with my mother chocolate.

Hmmm… I don’t remember that part of Final Fantasy IV at all!

Legends of Localization has got this translation covered

The fine folks over at Legends of Localization have a fine article dedicated to the project, digging deep into the purpose behind it and how it all works. I’ll give you a brief piece, but be sure to read the rest.

For example, this tool could be used to demonstrate what a hyper-literal translation looks like vs. a hyper-liberal localization. It could be used to demonstrate how game localization changes and adapts depending on the environment too – what would the same game localization look like if you were forced to use fewer resources, such as memory? How might the same game be localized if it were handled by a large team vs. a small team? Or if it were handled in a crowdsourced environment? Or how much could you trim each sentence down and still keep the game’s story understandable/enjoyable? And, of course, what would it look like if a machine translated it?

Deep… I just wanted to see Yang and Tellah say silly things, but whatever! Check out the full article at Legends of Localization.