Final Fantasy III

The German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body has listed the remake of Final Fantasy III to be possibly on its way to a PC release in the near future. The application was filed on April 2nd, and the game received a 6 and above rating, not entirely out of line with what the game offers.

For the longest time, Final Fantasy III was one of the most difficult games to come by in Square Enix's long running series. The original NES game was never released in America and can only be fully enjoyed by English speakers through the fan translation scene.

The 2006 3D remake for the Nintendo DS brought it all kinds of attention, and fans finally got a chance to play legitimately in English for the first time 16 years after its original run. The DS remake has since been ported to the PSP, iOS, and Android, making it now one of the more accessible games out there. A PC release could make it one of the series' most ported games.

For what it's worth, I was not a huge fan of the remake. Half-hearted graphics and horribly boring and unrelatable characters didn't honor Final Fantasy's first jab at the job system in a way that it should have been honored.

However, I did play it at a time when my anti-remake sentiments were sky high, and my distaste for 3D on the limited technology of the Nintendo DS didn't help either. It might be worth diving into today for a history lesson, but everything it does, Final Fantasy V and Bravely Default do so much better.

Square Enix has mentioned finding a future for the Final Fantasy series on the PC platform, and it has already tested the waters with two of the more popular games in the series, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. Could a release of Final Fantasy III be the first of many to come? Could its success possibly convince Square Enix there is a PC market demand for Final Fantasy XV?