Final Fantasy iPhone

Achievements for an Xbox LIVE Windows Phone version of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy have surfaced online, which suggests that the game could be coming to Microsoft’s mobile platform soon. It’s unknown if this will be a port of an existing iOS version of the game — Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of the Lions and Final Fantasy III are all available for iOS devices — or if it’s a completely new game.

It’s common for titles to make their debut on iOS or Android before being pushed to another platform, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this rumor come to fruition. The source link is just a list of achievements, however, so we’re going to remain skeptical until hear an official word from Square Enix or Microsoft. If you’d like to grab a look at the purported Achievements, you can do so by giving the source link a quick visit.

[via: Zebrasqual]