Square Enix has published the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer for its upcoming online action-RPG Final Fantasy Explorers, and it is just brimming with iconic images from a more classic day and age of the series. Dragoons, white mages, black mages, and time mages with their adorable clock hats, you name it! This is a throwback game which celebrates the earlier days of the series with a modern day multiplayer approach for the Monster Hunter 4 crowd.

The trailer doesn’t stop at job classes, either. Square Enix confirms a few more characters who will be joining Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife as “Legend Character” transformations that activate one the Limit Break builds up. Final Fantasy VI‘s leading lady Terra, Final Fantasy VIII‘s angst bag Squall, and Final Fantasy XIII‘s “not half as cool as Terra” lady Lightning all appear in the trailer, and two further characters are teased as just silhouettes.

Who could they be? I’m having trouble placing the female, but I’m pretty sure the second one is Cecil from Final Fantasy IV.

The trailer closes with iconic summon monsters Ifrit and Shiva, only don’t get too excited. These monsters will not aid you in battle, but rather, they are your foes. The entire purpose of Final Fantasy Explorers is to hunt these beasts and take them down in a grand showing of online cooperation. Maybe then, you’ll be able to summon them. Who knows?

I wasn’t too impressed with my single-player demo of Final Fantasy Explorers at Tokyo Game Show 2014, but as I believed, other previews from around the Internet by people who agree have stated that the multiplayer is a much more fun affair. Now, all that remains is to establish a community of gamers who play their Nintendo 3DS online in America, not exactly an easy task.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on Dec. 18. No word yet on a localization.