Final Fantasy Explorers is a pick-up-and-play action RPG on the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to cooperate with up to three other friends and use classic Final Fantasy job classes to form an effective party. Each of these job classes plays a role in battle be it a healer, attacker, or tank, and each of them can also morph into one of Final Fantasy’s legendary protagonists.

In today’s gallery, we find four familiar characters that you might have stumbled across over the course of your gaming career. First up is Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil sporting his emo Dissidia makeover. Seriously, I think I liked this character better when he was 16 pixels tall and couldn’t emote. What a mope! This game allows him to swap between his Paladin and Dark Knight abilities.

Following him, we have Final Fantasy XII’s perky Aladdin rip-off Vaan, who continues to prance around the series’ canon proudly not wearing a shirt! With abs like those though, who can blame him? He brings with him to this game his Luminescence Quickening ability from his original game.

Closing out the main characters, we have Final Fantasy VII’s two leading ladies, Aeris and Tifa. Aeris heals her comrades with her Great Gospel ability, and Tifa dons her Premium Heart ultimate knuckles to pound her enemies with her Final Heaven limit break attack.

The rivalry between these two characters’ fanbases is just as hot now just as it was twenty years ago, but the funny thing is in that time period, I often turn to Yuffie as my favorite female to use whenever I barrel through Final Fantasy VII. I hope she makes it into Final Fantasy Explorers too.

Also joining these main characters are two new job classes, the Chemist and the Thief. Chemists can use potions to heal allies without consuming them, but this ability takes time to recharge. They are also packing heat and can attack from a distance with a gun.

Thieves can of course steal items from enemies, run for longer periods of time than other classes, and have a high critical attack rate.

Final Fantasy Explorers sounded like a little bit of a cash grab at first, but I’m glad to see a lot of genuine content is being crammed into this package. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not convinced to buy this game on day 1, and I would still much rather see Dragon Quest VII in English on my Nintendo 3DS than this. However, you can’t deny that Final Fantasy nostalgia once it pings your brain. It stays until you find a way to satisfy it!

Final Fantasy Explorers might be a way to do just that. It launches in Japan on Dec. 18, but no American release date has been set yet.