Almost forgot about this one, but the first big Nintendo 3DS JRPG of 2016 has arrived, and it’s a Final Fantasy game… sort of. If you’ve heard of Final Fantasy Explorers before, you’ll know what this is, but for everyone else, don’t pick this up expecting the same old menu-fighting experience.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a 4-player online action/RPG romp, and it’s available today on the Nintendo 3DS.

Clearly, this is Square Enix’s latest attempt to grab on to Monster Hunter’s coattails. Japan pushed this game to middling success last year, although hardly to the same levels as Capcom’s Goliath, but it remains to be seen if North American gamers are still willing to play their Nintendo 3DS handhelds online. My guess is at least Final Fantasy fans will get a kick out of the 20 job classes, familiar faces and summon monsters.

I’ve only played the game once, and it was at a single player demo at Tokyo Game Show. I can confirm that the game controls nicely and looks great, but as for the fun factor, I didn’t have any partners to raid dungeons with. I’ll need to play it as it was intended to provide a more definitive opinion.

It’s available today if you want to take a stab at it yourself. Keep in mind that Fire Emblem Fates, Bravely Second, and Dragon Quest VII are all just around the corner, so don’t go crazy on your JRPGs too early his year. Pace yourself. It’s going to take a miracle to burn through them all.

Final Fantasy Explorers is available now for the Nintendo 3DS.