Final Fantasy VIII’s favorite-emo son Squall Leonhart will star in the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy, just in case if there was ever a doubt. Very few characters are as iconic to the series as Squall, whether it is his implausible Gunblade or his tendency to lock himself in his room and crank up the Linkin’ Park to eleven.

Don’t worry. There was a time when I could identify with Squall, too, thinking nobody understood being unable to express my feelings to girls. It was called puberty, something that we all surprisingly forget. Squall finds himself in the twilight of his own struggles during Final Fantasy VIII. Seriously, he’s 17-years-old! At least Tetusya Nomura makes him look the age, because he didn’t back in his actual game.


Much like Cloud, Squall heavily favors melee combat, delightfully swinging his blade through his opponents with much more efficiency. Just remember to press R1 as soon as the blade strikes. Timed hits, anyone?

Dissidia Final Fantasy launches next week in arcades across Japan, and we’re just over halfway through our countdown of characters. Eight down, six or potentially seven to go!