Square Enix will be launching its highly anticipated fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy, in arcades throughout Japan later in November, and the company has a new batch of screenshots to share. Most of the characters have survived the transition from the PSP to the new game, and those that have keep the same art style with a major overhaul in the graphical prowess behind it.

The most telling standouts here are the classic summon monsters Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh. As with every Final Fantasy game, these beings of fire, ice and lightning need an original look, and Dissidia delivers that quite nicely. Ramuh’s mustache would make a mammoth blush with shame, and Ifrit continues to aim for that middle ground between beast and man.

As for Shiva, I guess the are only so many ways you can draw a scantily clad ice queen before they all start to look the same.

The rest of the heroes all look fine, just as you might imagine them with updated graphics for the modern age. My one complaint is that there is still no sign of Ramza, the Final Fantasy Tactics protagonist who was promised to make an appearance. I’ve seen all of these characters in the PSP version, but I still haven’t seen Ramza in any video game outside of his original incarnation.

The day will come, I suppose. Final Fantasy Dissidia will be released for the arcade on Nov. 26 in Japan. It will run on PlayStation 4 technology, so I think it’s safe to assume Square Enix will be bringing it to home consoles eventually.