At the end of every Final Fantasy game resides an evil power hell-bent on world destruction. Most of the time, Square's writers will give this being a compelling motivation or personality quirk. For example, the dark lord could be a maniacal clown with a 16-bit cackle, a silver-haired stud with a long sword, or the soul of your father trapped in the body of a genocidal monster.

And then there are times when it's just an evil dude who wants to kill everyone, and the writers can't even be bothered to dress it up. With a name like Exdeath, Final Fantasy V's head baddie is the embodiment of this, and this is the character, using the word loosely here, who will be joining the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy this month.

Still no word on a localization

I love Final Fantasy V, and it's quickly becoming my favorite of the three Super Nintendo games in the series. However, the plot isn't exactly the reason for that. As an RPG, it is worlds beyond anything that Final Fantasy VI and VII have to offer, but as a compelling narrative… yeesh. Exdeath isn't even the best villain in his own game! Most fans hold Final Fantasy V in high regards for introducing us to Exdeath's henchman Gilgamesh, who still makes comical and serious appearances in most Final Fantasy games.

Oh well, Exdeath, and not Gilgamesh, be available in arcade cabinets sometime this month.

As for Dissidia Final Fantasy, Square Enix doesn't even have an official announcement for a home console port in Japan, let alone an English announcement. Something tells me that the company wants to stay dominant on the arcade scene for a very long time, a hint that the game is doing quite well for itself.