Puzzle & Dragons is so stupid popular in Japan that it can even score collaborations with some of the biggest names in video games. And I do mean the biggest.

Because Mario and his friends were just not enough, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has been able to score a team up with Final Fantasy as well! The collaboration between the two franchises begins next week on April 27, and GungHo has posted some familiar Final Fantasy faces as if they were interpreted using Puzzle & Dragon’s art style.

Oh man, now that I finally wrapped up my little stint with the excellent Terra Battle, maybe its time to check out why this Puzzle & Dragons is so ridiculously off the charts out there. It might take these characters to get me to do it, but I just can’t say no to Vivi or Yuna.

The collaboration between the two series lasts from April 27 until May 10, giving players a small window to appreciate these characters.