After all the excitement and hubbub about a possible new Seiken Densetsu game at Tokyo Game Show 2015, this is all that we have to show for it. Seiken,  known as Final Fantasy Adventure in the States, will be getting a remake for PS Vita and smartphones on both iOS and Android.

If you can’t tell, I’m not overly excited for this one. I was hoping for an original game, something new from the Seiken Densetsu franchise, known as Mana in the English speaking world. The series hasn’t put out anything worthwile since the days of the PlayStation, and an attempt to revive it on the PS2 and Nintendo DS crashed miserably. Square Enix has left it in a closet to grow mold ever since.

I’m also a little bummed because Square Enix has actually already remade the game once before! In 2003, we were granted Sword of Mana, a game that tried to make up for the swift pace and soul crushing atmosphere of the original Game Boy classic with overly preachy and extended dialogue and colorful graphics that kind of missed the point. Plus, the combat required precise timing for janky combos that rarely worked.

The new one doesn’t look all that exceptional from the debut trailer, but Square Enix only has 50 percent of the game finished. The art style is fine, if a bit too cheerful for this gloomy game, but the graphics look held back by the smartphone ports.

We’ll see. I won’t totally dismiss this one since the trailer does make me really nostalgic. If Square Enix remembers that the PS Vita does exist in the English speaking world, though, I would rather it put its resources into SaGa: Scarlet Grace.

This remake will debut in Japan this winter. No news on an English release yet.