If only you’re patient, good things will come. That’s what Nintendo fans had to tell themselves back in the autumn of 1997 when Final Fantasy VII released for the Sony PlayStation. Well, your wait is over – Final Fantasy VII is finally making its way to Nintendo 21 years after the fact.

Nintendo announced during its latest Nintendo Direct that a bunch of Final Fantasy games are coming to Nintendo Switch next year alongside a whole library of other games.

PlayStation titles Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XI are coming to the system presumably in their PC-enhanced forms, while Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XII are coming in their HD remastered forms. Final Fantasy XII‘s release will be its Zodiac Age remaster.

Back in the early to mid-1990s, Square Enix, then Squaresoft, was one of the developers Nintendo fans held up as reasons to get a Super Nintendo over a Sega Genesis. And with good reason – there were piles of great Squaresoft games on the Super Nintendo. When generations shifted, though, things changed. Nintendo decided to stick with expensive, space-limited cartridges while Sony’s new PlayStation system used optical discs that sported infinitely larger amounts of space. While early prototypes of Final Fantasy VII saw development on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, Squaresoft made the decision to release FFVII on PlayStation, leaving Nintendo gamers heartbroken while helping to establish the PlayStation as the place to be.

If you were going to play Final Fantasy games, you’ve probably done so by now on a PlayStation system or a PC. If you’re a hardcore Nintendo fan, though, you’ll soon be able to experience Cloud’s tale where it probably felt like it should’ve been all those years ago.

There isn’t a release date yet available, but look for the Nintendo Switch JRPG library to expand with some serious Final Fantasy in 2019. And hey, Xbox One owners – you’ll get to check these games out, too.