As much as I love Final Fantasy, it's always one step behind The Legend of Zelda at the forefront of our most iconic video game franchises. Take this past year for example. Final Fantasy XV came out last year to acclaim and praise, and fans were joyous that the series was just able to get back on the right track for the future.

Today, well, The Legend of Zelda is back with yet another game we're considering to be one of the greatest of all time. What's another feather in Nintendo's hat? Final Fantasy XV DLC is coming out this month? Whatever, Hyrule needs some uncovering!

Oh well. 30 years is nothing to scoff at, and very few franchises have lasted as long as Final Fantasy has. Even less have steered the course of video game history the way Cloud, Terra, Squall, Titus, and the rest of our heroes' adventures have. Here is a beautiful new trailer from Square Enix celebrating 30 years of igniting our imaginations and sending us on quests to save the world.

I'm at the 22-year mark, I believe

I don't remember the exact year I first picked up a Final Fantasy game. The game was definitely Final Fantasy VI, or Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo, and I was definitely living in Georgia during my middle school years. Final Fantasy VII was not out yet, but the ads were all over the place, and I was neck-deep in Lord of the Rings fandom. My outlet for a "fantasy" video game sent me down this irreversible course in life.

Coming up on 32-years-old, I've been a Super Mario fan for at least 30 years, longer than my consciousness can remember thanks to home movies of me jumping around while playing Super Mario Bros. in my diapers, and The Legend of Zelda probably jumps in around 27 or 28 of those years. It's a triad that has shaped who I am and what I like from both video games and the real world.

Here's to hoping for 30 more.