The Nintendo 3DS multiplayer game Final Fantasy Explorers releases on Dec. 18, 2014 in Japan, coincidentally falling on the anniversary of the first Final Fantasy game’s original Famicom release.

To celebrate the occasion, early adopters in Japan will be able to go on a special quest which unlocks the Onion Knight armor from Final Fantasy III. It’s a nice enough bonus, but it is peanuts compared to the other bonus Square Enix has in mind. The original Final Fantasy will make its Nintendo 3DS debut with a remastered version with full 3D support on the very same day, and this brand new version will be released as a free bonus for early adopters.

Japanese fans can also pick it up separately in January 2015 through the eShop. No pricing has been announced yet, nor has Square Enix confirmed it will be released in the States. I have a feeling it will be, because, unlike Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy has never had a problem attracting a Western audience. The game has been ported to the PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PSP, and mobile phones to great success over the years. Why can’t it enjoy some love on the Nintendo 3DS, too?

I think Square Enix will certainly be “justified” enough to slap a quick translation on.