Could you survive for a month on Craigslist alone? That's likely to be the question on viewers' minds when they get a peep at the new flick from producer Zach Galifianakis. This time, The Hangover star dives into reality entertainment, taking it to a strange new place — the sometimes sweet, but more often bizarro world conjured by the online classifieds website.

"Bizarre" and Galifianakis are pretty synonimous, but he's actually not the one taking audiences along on this crazy ride. The guy at the center of the action is Joe Garner, the namesake of Craigslist Joe. The 29-year-old filmmaker/star's mission is to eat, sleep, socialize, travel and more, all by the grace of what he can find on Craigslist over a period of 31 days.

Sounds grueling. Also sounds intriguing, as the documentary comes off like a cross between Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me and a much milder version of Borat, all on the budget of the One Red Paperclip project. During the trek, Garner comes across a pretty kooky cast of characters, which (I guess) is supposed to be some commentary about the nature of modern American society. No matter. The surprises, challenges and general weirdness you'd expect from the denizens of Craigslist are there, making for a pretty entertaining ride. Think you could last for a month on Craigslist? To see what it takes, check out the trailer for the movie, coming August 3.