Willem Dafoe’s role in Justice League Part One, X-Men in the 90s, and the “world’s scariest movie” are just some of the trending stories from this week.

In case you’re one of the few who didn’t get an opportunity to check out Captain America: Civil War, don’t forget to read our review before heading out to the theater. And stay tuned for plenty of coverage next week, as we prepare for a review of AMC’s new show Preacher and Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie.

Outcast trailer

Robert Kirkman found immense success on TV with The Walking Dead, and the author will attempt to replicate that success with Outcast, a new show hitting Cinemax this summer. You can check out an extended trailer for the show above.

X-Men in the 90s

First it was the 60s (First Class), then the 70s (Days of Future Past), and then the 80s (Apocalypse), so where does X-Men go next? Well, the 90s, of course. Talking to Coming Soon, longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg confirmed the franchise will explore the 90s in the next iteration. As a kid who grew up in the 90s, I can’t wait. [Comingsoon]

New Mutants to feature Professor X

While the actual New Mutants lineup is still up for debate, we can pen one name on the roster: Professor X. According to Simon Kinberg, via Collider, James McAvoy’s Professor Charles Xavier has a role in New Mutants, though it’s unclear how big of a role he’ll play. With filming not expected to start until early next year, things could change between now and then. As of now, however, expect Professor X to play a role. [Collider]

The “world’s scariest movie”

How many movies claim to be the “scariest ever?” How many actually deliver on those claims? The Woods is next up in a long line of movies making lofty promises, and I’m not particularly convinced by the trailer. We’ll find out just how scary (or not) the movie is when it hits theaters in September.

Godzilla 2 delayed; Godzilla vs Kong release revealed

Bad news, Godzilla fans: Warner Bros. has pushed the film’s sequel back from June 8, 2018, to March 22, 2019. No reason was given, but this next bit of news will surely rile fans up: Godzilla vs. Kong has been scheduled for a March 29, 2020, release. Fans will get their first glimpse of the new King Kong in Kong: Skull Island, which is currently scheduled to hit on March 10, 2017. [HR]

Where is Nick Fury?

There were a number of characters in Captain America: Civil War, but one that was conspicuously absent was Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. Why? Civil War’s writers, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, explained:

We didn’t want him to take one side or the other. Because that’s not his place in the universe. And then we didn’t want another, ‘Is he still with the government? Is he opposed to the government but supporting the government?’ It got to be the potential for a lot more polemic discussion that the movie did not have room for… He’s the guy who put it together. He’s been the sort of parent figure to the Avengers. Let the parent go away, and see if the kids can handle this. See if the kids can be who they’re supposed to be without that governing voice. Um… and they didn’t do that good of a job.

Jack Black joins Jumanji

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirmed Jack Black will also star in next year’s Jumanji reboot. “A brilliant actor who I’m confident will turn in a performance of a lifetime,” Johnson said. Black’s character hasn’t been revealed just yet though Johnson teased it’s going to be a good one.

Lupita Nyong’o joins Black Panther

The Hollywood Reporter says Oscar winning actor Lupita Nyong’o is in talks to star in Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film, with Nyong’o apparently cast as a love interest of T’Challa. No other details have been revealed and Marvel hasn’t confirmed the news, but this would be very good casting if true. [HR]

Willem Dafoe’s role in Justice League

We already know Willem Dafoe will appear in Justice League Part One, but what will his role be? According to Birth Movies Death, we’ll see him join Aquaman under the sea as an Atlantean. Beyond that we don’t know Dafoe’s involvement, but he is reportedly playing a good guy. [BirthMoviesDeath]