FIFA World Cup 2014

3D television is taking another hit in its adoption rate as it has been announced FIFA is considering scrapping the plans to broadcast the 2014 World Cup in the format.

Following news earlier this month that ESPN will be shuttering its 3D channel, FIFA, the ruling body behind the World Cup tournament, is reportedly reexamining its plans to broadcast the 2014 even with the technology. Speaking at a press conference this past week, FIFA's director of television Niclas Ericson stated, "We know that the technology has had a few setbacks in recent days, if you refer to some of the statements by (ESPN)." He went on to add, "It's clear when a big sports broadcaster like ESPN makes an announcement like that it creates a lot of extra tension (for the technology)."

This is a significant shift from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where 25 of the 64 matches were broadcast in 3D as it appeared the technology was beginning to take off in homes. At this time, however, it is estimated that only 6 percent of homes in the U.S. have 3D capable sets, and the adoption rate is lower in other parts of the world.

Ericson said that FIFA is still reviewing the situation, but it definitely appears that 3D technology in homes is limping along at best.