FIFA 15 is live and almost stable enough to virtually recreate the world's most popular sport. However, more and more fans using the PC version, a new entry for EA Sports' franchises, have discovered a wonderful bug in the programming that makes professional players look like an elementary school gym class.

Oh you remember. When playing soccer as a kid, you had to be the one who played defense on the side where nobody ever came though, and you had to watch as attackers and strikers had all fun on the other side of the field. All you wanted to do was kick that ball. That was everybody's dream, to kick the ball! Positions, assignments, calculated plays don't matter. When you are seven-years-old, you just want to kick that ball.

Now you can relive those memories in FIFA 15. The newly uncovered bug has every player on the pitch make a beeline for the ball as soon as it kicks off, even the goalie! Of course, him not protecting his goal means it's an easy score and a farce of a soccer match. All thanks to virtual soccer players behaving like children.

I mean, real soccer players never behave like lying, whining, spoiled, children while on a World Cup pitch, do they?

EA has issued a statement on the bug:

"There is a rare bug affecting a small number of FIFA 15 fans playing on PC and who have named their PC with four characters or less. We are working to address this bug as soon as possible. In the meantime, fans experiencing this bug can rename their PC using more than five characters to resolve the issue."

So, there, it should be fixed soon.