Here on the site, we’ve been known to cover car things. We often cover Google things. Sometimes, we even share fun, geeky things (you know, just because). And then there are times when all those things come together in a perfect storm of awesome.

When Fiat employees spotted a Street View vehicle driving by, one of the workers took it as an opportunity to prank an arch rival. So he jumped into a Fiat 500 and followed the car for 45 minutes to Södertälje, where Volkswagen’s headquarters is located.


When the mapping car finally neared the VW office, the cheeky Fiat staffer shot ahead, went up the driveway and parked the 500 right in front of the entrance. Then he hung out until…

…shazam! Photobomb.


The red Fiat 500 is the primary thing in the Street View image of Volkswagen’s Swedish HQ. To see it in Google yourself, just hit up Maps and paste in “Volkswagen Group Sverige AB, Sodertalje, Sweden.”

What’s hilarious, other than the obvious, is that the Street View car also chronicled the car making its way to and from the scene of the crime. Check out the gallery where you get the rundown of the Google Street View Car pursuit.

There’s something about this that’s reminiscent of Sneaky Cat, no?

Poor Volkswagen. The company has had to suffer this burn for a year, which is how long it usually takes Google to update Street View images.

Update: The prank was first discovered a year ago, but we still found it funny, and we certainly had never heard of it. As it stands, the Fiat 500 still appears in Google Street View, so it seems that the matter — and the joke — is still ongoing.